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Musky Fishing & Kids - (CLICK HERE to Read More)
As was I, many of you were introduced to this sport by your father. Throught the years, we were shown the "rules of thumb" to chatch fish. Some of us experimented with various lures and techniques, and some of us just enjoyed the basic style of fishing using a bobber, hook and bait. Nonetheless, we just enjoyed being out with our dad.

So You Want to be a Musky Guide - (CLICK HERE to Read More)
Each year while attending some of the many fishing shows or following a presentation at a Musky Club, I will be approached by several young fellows. The conversation will normally begin with a comment something like this. "Gee, you live the ideal life. What do I have to do to make it as a musky guide?" My response varies form time to time buy usually takes a form something like a question about how much money he figures he needs to live on.

All musky lakes have one thing in common: water.  However, the characteristics of the water can drastically differ between them.  One important characteristic that all musky hunters should consider before placing their first cast is water clarity.  Several factors contributing to water clarity can significantly influence the best time of year to fish a lake, what locations within the system will consistently hold muskies, and what style and color lures are most effective.
Musky, like all fish, have a sort of "sixth sense" known as the mechanosensory lateral line system that allows them to sense water disturbances at great distances. Therefore, if a fisherman moves a lure through the water, a musky can feel its presence from a distance. Many biologists refer to this as distant touch, and musky fishermen would be wise to take advantage of it.

Most any color or pattern on a muskie lure, whether life-like or not, will produce fish at one time or another.  Oftentimes it's simply a matter of the lure being in the right place at the right time.  But does this mean that lure colors are only designed to attract the fisherman's attention in the store rather than to trigger an effective musky strike.  Not by a long shot!  While it's not the number one factor in triggering a muskie strike, color does make a difference, and expert fishermen will learn to use it effectively.

Fetch Yourself A Musky - (CLICK HERE to Read More)

There's no need to rely on a guide, wait for a rainy day, or become a nocturnal fisherman to be successful on "tough" muskie waters, so long as you're able to understand the ecology of the lake. The muskies are out there, somewhere... and the more you know about the world under the water, the more you'll be able to narrow your search.

Map Madness - (CLICK HERE to Read More)
For musky fishermen, learning the landscape of their quarry's homeland is not as easy since viewing the terrain is impossible because it is concealed behind a wall of water.  However, if you could temporarily drain your favorite honey hole and view the landscape without the obstruction of water, you would easily be able to identify key musky structures and travel routes.  Since this is not a feasible option, the next best solution is to learn to translate a 2-dimensional map to the three dimensional landscapes we are most familiar with.
Shake, Rattle, and Roll - (CLICK HERE to Read More)
Shake, rattle and roll?  No, this is not some new-fangled fishing technique, these are three basic things musky fisherman typically like to see their lures doing.  Why?  Probably because each one stimulates a different sensory capability of the musky that we can potentially utilize to attract them.
Dynamic Deep Divers - (CLICK HERE to Read More)
Twitching crankbaits has become a standard practice for most Esox Anglers.  The tantalizing darting, rolling, erratic action of a twitchbait is irresistible to both fisherman and old esox alike.  Traditionally, a twitchbait has been defined as any shallow running crankbait with a small diving lip that extends from the lure at a more perpendicular angle.  However, if you want to take your twitching skills to the next level, set aside those shallow crankbaits and grab yourself a deep diver.
Boat Control - (CLICK HERE to Read More)
Muskie fishing involves as many details as there are minutes in the day, all needing to be carefully considered during the time one spends on the water. If I was to put any single factor as the most inportant, boat control would get my vote.

Perspectives of the Creature Man Of Jigs and Muskies - (CLICK HERE to Read More)
Soft plastics are gaining new popularity as many innovations and new styles have entered the market over the last few years. The story behind the FIRST soft plastic revoluation that took place in 1960's when there were no jigs or soft plastics designed for Muskies is pretty much a compilation of who's who of the top angler names from the 60's, 70's, and 80's created from a brain trust in the Chicago suburbs to Rocford area in Illinois.

Water just Hides the Good Stuff! - (CLICK HERE to Read More)
Ever get to the landing with your best fishing buddy, launch the rig, and ask, Well, where do you want to start? He looks at you and says, I don't know, where do YOU want to start?

It was April 1996 and our son, Craig, had joined me for a day of crappie fishing on the Wisconsin River near Rhinelander, Wisconsin.

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